No Email Login Information for New Students

No Email Login Information for New Students

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A new student is trying to log into their email for the first time, but cannot locate their login credentials (i.e. email address and password).


There are a few reasons this issue may be occurring. One, the student has not paid a deposit so a email has not been created. Two, the email has been lost in the Junk folder or been overlooked when it came in.


  1. Look through your personal email for an email sent from This may have been sorted into the Junk or Spam folder, or by mistaken been marked as trash. Emails from this account will contain information about your email.
  2. Make sure that you are looking through the email address where you receive all other communication from the University. Sometimes if there are multiple emails (previous schools, personal email, etc.), you could be potentially looking in the wrong inbox. Please search in all known inboxes for emails from
  3. Make sure that you have received a confirmation email receipt for the deposit put down for school. Only after this deposit is put down that an email address is generated. If you are having trouble finding a receipt, you can reach out to the Bursar’s office for more information on if the payment was made and assistance making the payment. You can reach the Bursar at:


  1. If everything appears to be in order, but you still cannot locate the credentials to your email reach out to IT Support at to seek assistance.
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