The CICP will be hosting university-wide virtual simulations, including tele-sims for students, with an emphasis on cultural responsiveness, IPE, and patient safety. See schedule below and click the SIGN UP image to enroll! 

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TeleSim: Making Safety Recommendations and Ensuring Cultural Responsiveness in the Home Health Environment

OCTOBER 1st 7-8:30pm EST

Presented by: Dr. Debbie Ruediger



Students will explore key safety recommendations in a home health environment while embracing a culturally responsive therapeutic approach.  The students will focus on a Same-Sex Marriage with one member of the marriage in the transition of Gender Reassignment.  

Setting Patient Goals that are Culturally Sensitive with an Interprofessional Team

OCTOBER 22nd 7-8:30pm EST

Presented by: Dr. Meghan Savage, Dr. Megan Flores, and Dr. Elizabeth DeLuca

Students will interact with other members of the interprofessional care team to collaboratively set culturally-sensitive goals.

Cardiopulmonary and Trauma Intensive for the Interprofessional Team

NOVEMBER 5th 7-8:30pm EST

Presented by: Dr. Lisa Chase, Dr. Lacy Spark, Dr. Emily Frank, and Dr. Lydia Cremer

Need to brush up on your key acute care and trauma clinical skills? In this virtual intensive session, students will work as an interprofessional team to deliver safe and evidence-based patient care.

TeleSim: Cultural Considerations during an Interview and Assessment

NOVEMBER 19th 7-8:30pm EST

Presented by: Dr. Miguel Garcia, Dr. Tobi Baldwin, Dr. Kaitlyn Cremer, and Dr. Keith McWilliams 

Learn how to establish a strong Telepresence with patients. Students in this session will learn how to interact with patients using a telehealth platform. This session will have various standardized patients that students will be able to interact with.

Lines, Leads, and Patient Handling BOOT CAMP

DECEMBER 10th 7-8:30pm EST

Presented by: Dr. Norman Belleza and Dr. Jim Mathews

Attention! Students in this virtual bootcamp will review key considerations when working with lines, leads and a patient in an intensive care environment. Students will access the CICP virtually to interact with expert faculty and standardized patients to apply key clinical skills.




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