Kaltura User Guide

Kaltura User Guide

Issue/Environment/User Role

A Student or Faculty Member needs help with Kaltura Media in Blackboard.


The user is unable to upload media from Kaltura.


Uploading media to the Kaltura Streaming Media Server

Kaltura is a web-based application that allows users to host and share media. Complete with an easy connection to Blackboard, Kaltura’s platform supports all forms of rich media including video, images, and audio. Media uploaded to Kaltura are available to users across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

Students can add media to discussions, Assignment submissions, and other parts of blackboard where you find the text submission box (Shown Below)

With Kaltura you can use existing video/media or create video/media. The directions below will help you upload media to Blackboard.

Step 1 (Textbox)
Go to a textbox (see the image above). You must be on a textbox in the course to upload and insert the media. If you are attaching a video to an assignment you must click Write a submission to get the text editor. To insert Kaltura media, Click the "+" button on the toolbar.


Step 2 (Attach Kaltura Media)

In the select drop-down, choose "Kaltura Media"


Step 3 (Kaltura)

After you have clicked Kaltura, a popup will open (see below). Make sure popups are enabled.mceclip2.png

Step 4

Click "Add New on the right side of the "My Media" screen.

Click "choose a file to upload" or drag the file to the box.mceclip3.png

Once the video is uploaded (this process may take some time), and after you’ve made any changes to the title/description/tags, click "Save". Then click "Back to Browse and Embed" next to the Save button.mceclip4.png

Click the "Select" button for the video.mceclip5.png

Your video is now in the Mashup and you are ready to complete the embed process. If you wanted to just upload the video and not embed it yet, just click cancel, otherwise go to step 4 and complete the submission process.mceclip6.png

Click "submit" to finish the process

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