Working from home FAQ

  1. Why can’t I see anything on my webcam/video it’s blacked out?
    • HP 830 G5 laptop models have a webcam privacy slide. Make sure the lens is not covered.
  2. How do I connect to wireless at home?
    • Follow these steps:
  3. Find the network connection icon in the bottom right corner of your taskbar.
  4. Locate the name of your home network. If you have a regular network and one that has 5G, choose the 5G for a better connection speed. Mark the checkbox that says ‘Connect automatically’
  5. Click Connect
  6. Enter the key to your home network and click Next.
    • If you have not set your own, this key may be found at the bottom of your home router (usually a device with antenna on it).
      • Example

    • This is what your wireless looks like when you are connected.
  7. Everything else at my location works on my internet except my laptop, why?
    • Sometimes your router needs to be restarted to accept a new device. Unplug your router, after 30 seconds plug the router back in. Wait for all lights to come back on to try the connection again.
  8. How can I connect to my printer at home?
    • Search for Printers & scanners in your search box and click on the system setting:



Click on Add a printer or scanner


Windows will search for your printer. If you have a USB cable installed it should find it instantly. If your printer is on a wireless connection, it needs to be on the same wireless network as your laptop. Once it finds your printer, click on it to add it. Sometimes your computer may need to install software to connect to your printer, this will require a USAHS tech to remote into your computer with an admin login.

  1. How can I connect my monitor to my laptop at home?
    • The HP laptop has two recommended connections:
    • The G5 model has a single HDMI out on the right side of the laptop.
    • The G3 model has a display port connection on the right side of the laptop.
      • If necessary, there is a VGA connection on this laptop at the left side. The cable that connects to this is pictured here.
      • If you have your docking station, there are two display port connections at the back of the docking station. You cannot use the HDMI port while docked.
  1. My laptop and my monitor are displaying the same thing, how can I make them extend out?
    • Press both the WinKey+P mceclip18.png to bring up your projection options. Choose the option of your preference.
  2. Why is my mouse not moving across the screen correctly from left to right or right to left?
    • When you have multiple displays (your monitor and laptop screen, or multiple monitors) they may need to be adjusted to tell Windows which one is on the left and which is one the right.
    • Type Display Settings in the search box to open this setting
    • Click Identify to see which one of your displays is which number.
    • If your 1 is on the wrong side, select it and move it to the correct location above the ‘Identify’ box.
    • Once your monitors are in the correction position Apply the changes and tell the computer to keep them in the popup box.
    • You can also choose which one is your main display, make sure it is highlighted and scroll down in the options to choose ‘Make this my main display’
  3. RingCentral Work From Home information can be found HERE.
  4. I can’t hear anything/nobody can hear me in a Ring Central Meeting, why?
    • You may need to change where your sound and mic are coming from.
    • Click on Settings at the top of Ring Central Meetings
  • Test Speaker, if you cannot hear anything, click the drop down to select another device.
  • You may have multiple devices to choose from like your built-in speakers, a headset you have plugged in
  • Headset
  • Computer Speakers
  • External USB Speakers
  • Speaker on the monitor
  1. Test Mic, if your voice isn’t being picked up, select another device.
    • You may have multiple devices like the internal mic, one on your headset etc.
    • Headset
    • Computer Mic
    • External Webcam Mic
  2. Sometimes just unplugging the device that isn’t working and plugging it back in works best.
  1. How can I test my sound and mic when joining a meeting?
    • On joining a meeting follow these directions for testing:
    • Click on the up arrow next to the Mic icon.
    • Choose Test Speaker & Microphone
    • If you hear a ringtone, press Yes
    • If not, choose another speaker from the drop down.
    • If you hear yourself in the playback, press Yes
    • If not, choose another microphone from the drop down.
  2. How can I access my files from home?
    • Your One Drive files are accessible without any additional setup. To locate these please
    • Click on your file explorer.
    • Locate your One Drive in the left column.
    • Another alternative is to right click on the blue cloud icon in the bottom right corner to manage your One Drive.
  3. I’m connected to VPN, so why do all my shared drives have x’s on them?
    • When your computer boots up, it checks for the connection to all those drives before you connect to VPN, it does not check again so it assumes they are disconnected. If your VPN is active, just double click on the location you’d like to access to see those files.
  4. I’ve never connected to VPN before, what do I do?
    • You must have a special need to access any shared drive files from a remote location. There is a limited number of VPN connections available at any given time. Access to VPN will be limited to select individuals on approval from upper management.
      • Ok, I have permission to connect to VPN, what do I do?

      • Search for Cisco AnyConnect in your Windows search box.
      • Click on the App to open it.
      • This should be filled in with USAHS Employee VPN, if it is blank, fill in
      • Click connect to get on our network.
      • You can see your connection in the small icons at the bottom left of your taskbar. The lock being closed indicates a connection.


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