Guide - How to install Kaltura

Installing and Launching Kaltura Capture

Please use Kaltura Capture to record video for your Blackboard video discussion posts and video assignments. It can be used with your webcam and/or to capture desktop applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Installing Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture replaces the now deprecated Kaltura CaptureSpace software. If you were previously using CaptureSpace at University of St. Augustine or another university, please uninstall that software and install the new Kaltura Capture software by following the instructions below.

 For all new Kaltura users, you do not need to uninstall anything first, please just follow the instructions below: 

  1. Log into Blackboard via the myUSA
  2. On the My Institution tab (blackboard homepage), select the “My Media” link in the My Media It may take a minute to load. mceclip1.png
  1. Select the “Add New” button and then “Kaltura Capture”. mceclip2.png
  1. Select the download link for the Kaltura Capture that is appropriate for your operating system and then follow the mceclip3.png

Launching Kaltura Capture

Please be sure to always launch Kaltura Capture through Blackboard and not via the desktop icon to ensure your video is able to upload directly to Blackboard and your Blackboard assignments. 

To launch Kaltura Capture from the Blackboard homepage: 

  1. Go to the My Institution tab (Blackboard Homepage)
  2. Select the My Media link from the My Media module
  3. Click “Add New” > “Kaltura Capture”. If a prompt appears asking you to confirm you wish to launch the software, select “Yes”. mceclip4.png



Troubleshooting: Updating Kaltura Capture Account Information

If your Blackboard account changes or is updated, as sometimes happens when your university upgrades Blackboard, you may receive an error trying to upload videos with Kaltura Capture. If this happens, you will need to refresh your account information in the Kaltura Capture software. To do this:


  1. Open Kaltura Capture You can launch it directly from Blackboard following the instructions in the section above, Launching Kaltura Capture
  2. Select the “Manage” link under the Kaltura Capture logo
  3. Select the “Info” icon, and then select “Sign Out”.
  4. Kaltura Capture should close If it does not, please close the software.
  5. Relaunch Kaltura Capture through Blackboard by following the instructions in the section above, Launching Kaltura Capture. This will update your account information automatically and you should now be able to use Kaltura Capture to record videos directly to Blackboard again.

[screenshots of steps below]

mceclip7.png mceclip8.png



Note: If you uploaded a video and did not receive an error, but now cannot find it, please contact tech support for assistance.

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