Blackboard - How to hide a class

The steps used to show a course are the same steps to hide a course from the Courses tab or from the My Coursesmodule on the My Institution tab. Please note that this does not disenroll you from courses, but the courses from your view.

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard Homepage, or My Institution
  2. On the right side of the page is the My Courses module. Hover over My Courses, and a gray gear will appear on the right side. Click on this gear.


   3.  This will bring you to a page that lists all courses you are enrolled in. Scroll to the Edit Course list area. Locate the row for the course you want to hide and clear the check box in the Course Name column. You may also need to uncheck other columns, such as Announcements.


4.   For any course that you want to hide, be sure all check marks are cleared in that course's row.


5.  Repeat for all courses you want to hide.

6.  Click the Submit button at the bottom right of the page.



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