Blackboard - how to create an assignment


  • I need to create an assignment in Blackboard


  • Blackboard

User Role

  • Faculty


  • A faculty member needs to post an assignment in a course


1. Ensure Edit Mode is on

2. Open the Learning Content Section

3. Click the Drop-down for Assessments

4. Choose Assignment


5. On the Create Assignment page, enter a name for your assignment. This is a required field. 

6. In the instructions box, add any desired instructions for the assignment. This is an optional field. 

7. You can browse and attach a file from your computer or from your Blackboard Content Collection. This is an optional field. 

8. If you are going to accept late submissions, select and set the Due Date and time. If you are not going to accept late submissions, leave this section blank. 

9. Enter points possible. This is a required field. 

10. You can set Submission Details, Grading Options, and Display of Grades here. 

11. Select the checkbox to make the assignment available to students. You can set when they are able to see this in step 12. 

12. Select Display After for the date and time you will start accepting student submissions. Select Display Until for the date and time the assignment is due. This prevents students from submitting after the deadline. 

13. Click Submit. 5_to_6.jpg





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