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Can I paste text from Microsoft® Word?

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A Student or Faculty member would like to copy and paste from a Word Document to the Blackboard text editor but have noticed small changes in their work when moved to Blackboard and posted.


Blackboard Text Editor and Microsoft® Word use different backend coding to support formatting changes. This will cause changes to your formatting when copied from Microsoft® Word and pasted to Blackboard Text Editor.


You'll have the best results if you type your text directly in the editor and format it with the available options.

You may see issues when you copy and paste text from a Word document directly into the editor. Your original formatting may not appear as you want. You also may not be able to remove or add formatting after you paste the text into the editor. To avoid formatting issues, you can remove the formatting and reformat it with the options in the editor.

To remove the Word formatting after you paste the text in the editor, select all the text and select the Remove Formatting icon. Only use this option if you understand that all formatting will be removed. All bullets, numbered lists, indentations, line spacing, centered text, and font formatting and sizing will be removed.


Or, before you add your text in the editor, you can paste it into an offline simple text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit, and clear the formatting. Then, you can paste the text into the editor and format it as you want.

You will be able to find more information about editing text in Blackboard Text Editor here:

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