Adding Customers and Contacts

A customer is a department, organization, or other entity used in event scheduling to which one or more individual contacts are associated. Both the customer and contact records are used during event scheduling. The customer list is maintained in the People section of the application as well. 

Customers and Contact can be created by a authorized user using the following method. 

Adding Customers

  1. Log into AdAstra.
  2. Select Calendar then Scheduling Grid.


3. Click Add New Event.


4. This will bring up the creation window to create a new Event. On this window, there will be a Create option to add both Customers or Contacts


5. To Create a Contact, you will be required to add the User's First & Last Name, Customer (Campus) and Email in order to save the details.




6. To Create a Customer, you will be required to add the User's Full Name and select a Customer Groups. You will also have the ability to Create a New Customer or Associate the Contact with an Existing Account. (This option may not be available based on your role). 



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